process management 

easy to understand for non process experts

HAGER: “Help non process expert to understanding of process management.”

When you buy via online you have many process to get your order. Only human beings and machines and IT applications and ERP can make process happen. Your service quality is increasing with the level of process design and understanding of non process experts. How can you make non process experts move?

HAGER gave a seminar in process management in a famous academy in switzerland. The majority of the seminar participants were swiss medical and practical professions – non process expert.

Therefore the HAGER challenge was to teach an abstract topic process management to non process expert.

Feedback about HAGER

  1.  top leadership skills
  2.  top rhetoric skills
  3.  top communication skills
  4.  top process expert skills
  5.  top structured seminar

HAGER value added

More fun at work

Maximum health and climate-friendly work processes

Minimization of your process, health and material costs

Reduction of your CO2 emissions