get user experience in the center of IT business analysis

find your synchronization between user, IT business process requirements

HAGER: “What is your user experience with work process and IT process?”

You are the user of IT in your work process.

Due to your wrong work process set up, you can get ill in the long run. IT over optimization of the wrong business process is a burden on top.

The results could be high & expensive absence for staff, company and state authorities (AHV, Invalidenversicherung IV in Switzerland and insurance company, etc.).

Your human work techniques and behaviour are often ignored in the IT requirement specification. As as result your right match of work techniques, workflows, IT business process is your bottle neck for ill making work chaos and burn out.

Core user experience have often low priority in many requirement engineering.

HAGER  tip

put your right user in the center of requirement engineering

show your empathy for the real human work needs

HAGER value added

feel good working

reduce process and health cost