requirement engineering

staff in the centre of requirement engineering

The rising and long absence rates of staff will be reduced

HAGER: “Do you want to pay with your health for work?”

HAGER have experience with staff suffering from missing process to over-optimized processes and IT. HAGER have more than 18 years international and swiss experience on certain interface staff – machine – process. According to HAGER:” In economy nowadays, there is a huge problem between staff – machine – process.” One of HAGER methode is to work with different process types according to your specific needs and market.

Each process exist only thanks to you. Your process type C are designed by the brain of staff. The automation rate of your process type R are designed by you.


Because you have the brain and the daily experience to design diferent process type C & R. Certain process types are automated by IT. The IT can only do what you tell them to do.

Why do you get ill by process & IT?

Why do you have to pay with your health?

Because employee are dominated by process and IT in many cases. High accelarated process and complex IT make you ill. You will be made fired in the worst case. In the extreme, many staff are ill forever. Companies do optimize process and/or IT. Companies are missing the specific experience on the interface between employee – IT machine – process

HAGER: “Are you considered in the set up of work conditions?”

HAGER: ” In different countries, staff told me about their work desease. I saw ill persons due to terrible process & IT environement. HAGER has one of the experience of no and/ or wrong automatization & digitization level. HAGER saw ill staff in their workplace in different countries in companies. HAGER have the experience of staff close to a permanent absence due to work. HAGER recogize to give your staff the right attention in process & IT. Even by TOP swiss universities, HAGER get the confirmation, that R&D put employee in the right centre for the good digitization.”

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