create real value added with process innovations

feel better at daily work

HAGER: “There are key factors for the successful process innovations to feel better at daily work”

HAGER process innovations make you feel better.

However uncertainty, too many changes within short period of time, work overload are innovation resistence.

HAGER tipps to feel better

  1. be auto responsible with your own work process in end to end process
  2. note your user experience with actual work process against future work process
  3. insist of your user requirements to be taken into account at new process design
  4. use innovation gates with a.) pilot with proove of concept and b.) rollout with rules for process innovation in operational business
  5. use your right organizational and / or technical interface between strategic process, innovation process and operational process and work flows
  6. implement a board of multi disciplined experts for financial aid and for transformation innovation to operational business process
  7. process innovation are design on the computer and printing products in 3 dimensions instead of expensive real prototyping

HAGER value added

more fun at work

maximum health and climate-friendly work processes

minimization of your process, health and material costs

reduction of your CO2 emissions