work life balance for your reduce of absence and cost

Leisure time is to relax from work – for example enjoying the silence is a good exercise. Silence keeps health.

It is the opposite in in real life: employees hurry up even in leisure time to escape from the silence. They can not stand the silence. Due to a full programme on the weekend, they have even no time for a small talk.

For example they practise alone their programme. They have too high requirements to themselves and to a group member. Therefore they prefer to be on their own. But the ones who want to join a group, they give up to ask the individuels. They answer is: No time now. I am busy.

The result is: Due to a stressful weekend, employees are stressed out at the week start. NO Work Life Balance

Work Sickness

HAGER Value Added is your reduce of absence and cost.

In early times “you work to live”, nowadays “you live to work. The results are: increasing burn out rate with rising health cost. Health cost = absence cost + reintegration cost

Who is paying the bill? In Switzerland the institutions AHV, invalid and health Insurance and the companies themselves have to pay these health cost. In worst case the employee is a invalid forever with rising health cost.

It is about to wait for the right judgment of Federal Court of Justice. In case of the right judgment companies will give more importance to prevention for rising health cost.

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