the right online reporting is saving time for staff

human skills for top customer service can never be replaced by IT

HAGER: “the company needs human for top customer service. Well educated staff make the difference.”

Nowadays staff get ill due to information overload, an excess of product variety and over informatisation and too complex and fast business process. Some customer services are getting worse. Formertimes, work was more enjoyable and more customized for customers. Customer service was attended by a human instead of a machine.

HAGER: “Well educated staff are basic for the top customer service.”

A face-to-face conversation or a telephone call with a warm welcome and emotion can be never replaced by technology. Robot might learn to a certain extend by artificial intelligence. A robot, a software and a machine are designed and get orders by human. The valuable human brain must be used efficiently in combination with the machine and the business.

Digitization will make us to work from anywhere and anytime in more and more positions. Anytime and anywhere we need the right online data to execute sustanible successful processes. Company building become more and more a data center and have less space for work desk. Certain technology support online communication and data exchange. Some companies stopped to send internal emails.

HAGER: ” The right interaction between technology and human will bring your value added for top customer service”

Experts analyse and configure the process, work place and technology. Experts provide face-to-face training to the internal and external customer and keep the customer relationship. Technology support the human in routine actions. This is an example for a good interaction between human, IT and business. This is InOneSolution with one single point of contact by HAGER.

reduction of your absence and health cost

reduction in your business process cost-, IT project and IT operations cost

good health at work

increase of your operations in product and process innovations

HAGER: “Thanks to the right online reporting, we can focus on the top customer service. This will create many new jobs for people”

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