blockchain in data auditing

data security during your process audit

HAGER : How can you protect your sensitive health data during your process audit?

Data is the power nowadays in many business model. In favour of your client you need to protect certain sensitive data in an audit. Sensitive records could contain health, bank details. 

First of all a quick definition of block chain.

Def. blockchain

A blockchain is an extended list of combined data records. These records are chained with a cryptic procedure.

Apply blockchain

1. IT auditing:

Auditing of sensitive data is very critical. For e.g auditing of a medical file of a patient with high confidential records. Auditing has to check the critical IT process operations with critical data. A blockchain can protect critical information during the auditing trail process.

2. bitcoin:

Bitcoin is a digital currency. At the bitcoin the blockchain consists of different transactions of records. Each transaction has an amount. The blockchain ist the sum of these amounts.  Blockchain of bitcoin is one of the oldest and biggest.

HAGER tips

  1. for a sample protect your sensitive information during a process audit
  2. Protect your sensitive records with blockchain for example
  3. Cooperate with the auditor

HAGER value added

more fun with your work process

reduce process cost after the audit

minimize material cost after the audit

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