use specific robots for staff support

robot is learning by artificial intelligence

HAGER: “Is the extreme use of robot good or bad for human being?

Human being need human being. A robot can never replace a human being.

In the past, a robot must be programmed. Now specific software help the robot to learn in the process. A machine could even copy the voice of a person.

For example, a software of artificial intelligence  is able to translate a language from the context almost like mother tongue, to read the number 2 and words. Software are more and more used in language tools.

According to HAGER specific robots must be used for e.g. dangerous work process for human being. The focus need to be on the well dosed use of robots to release staff from stress.

HAGER tipps

find your right scope to use robot in your work process

see robots as part of the work process to release you from dangerous task

HAGER value added

Feel good at work

Reduce work process cost