work reintegration

good work reintegration will reduce health cost

the wrong combination of business, IT and client process make staff ill.

Nowadays consumer want their product within 24 hours, anywhere, lowest price and highest quality. Extreme optimization of process, IT or client process with ill staff are the poor reality. Self-service is getting more and more popular. Self service means more complex and faster business & IT process. Less and less staff is responsible for more and more business & IT process.

Business and IT process are outsourced to the client process. Self-check-in at the aiport or shopping are good examples. Client turn into the gratis staff for companies to scan, print and pay.

Extreme fast and complex business process make staff to work too fast and intensive. Less breaks are the consequences. Specific staff are more and more separated from their teams. Missing harmony between business & IT process makes the problem even bigger.

HAGER: “Wrong and extreme optimization of business & IT process make staff ill or/and redundant.”

Some staff produce long absence rate. In the extreme they will be fired or/ and become a permament professional invalid. The reality proove, that absence rate are rising. The main reasons for absences are back and mental problems.

HAGER: “Companies have to be proactive in order to avoid long absence rates. A proactive and well managed reintegration process reduces health cost. Company and staff need an external experienced project manager for the reintegration process.”

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