robot and automation

good harmony between robot and automation create new jobs for human

The right interaction of staff, process and robot in industry 4.0

Automation of some production process by robot is well known. Car industry is a good example. Nowadays automation of service process by robot is getting more and more important.  Outsourcing of many service process to the client is increasing. Self-check-out at shopping, self- check-in at the airport, e-banking are good examples. The right mix of automation supports in the right mix of routine process. Automated routine process will give more work breaks for staff.  Regular work breaks will give more time for team socializing and brain storming sessions for improvements.

Nowadays some robot are used in clinics for ill children. The constant playing process is mportant for the healing process of children. Robot are 24h available to play with the child.

Specific robots work in schools. For some pupil it is easier by playing and learning with robot. There is a 3-D and physical interaction between robot and pupil. Robot complete digital learning. Pupils, teacher, parents, doctors, IT experts, IT business analyst and interface project manager have to set up the infrastructure.

HAGER: ” Thanks to the right interaction between robot and automation we create the following value added.”

reduction of your absence and health cost

reduction in your business process cost-, IT project and IT operations cost

good health at work

increase of your operations in product and process innovations

HAGER: “The right interaction of staff, process and robot is the key”. This will create new jobs for staff.”

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