new cooperation partner in Germany

eLearning for digital process and human transformation on an international level

eLearning as a tool for digital process transformation and human work learn tec transformation.

HAGER is delighted to have gained a new cooperation partner: Infoport, an expert in eLearning.

Claudia Musekamp, founder of the company, has been supporting companies and organisations in the field of digital education since 2002. We see ourselves as specialists for good didactics and high-quality content. Our customers value our solution-orientated, pragmatic approach.

Infoport and HAGER are planning to expand a digital learning offering that supports customers in analysing, optimising and implementing new processes. Among other things, an e-learning programme on the topic of “Stress-resistant data-driven process management” is planned.

Combining the strengths of eLearning and expertise in human digital transformation, our collaboration can offer a comprehensive approach to support organizations in their journey towards digital excellence.

One is focused on eLearning and the other on human digital transformation, digital process engineering, and human work learn techniques. Our collaboration can bring together expertise in education technology and organizational development to create innovative solutions. Here are some potential areas where our collaboration could be beneficial for customer:

customer value

Integrated Learning Solutions:

eLearning platform with digital transformation strategies to create comprehensive learning solutions for organizations.

Develop training programs that incorporate digital process engineering principles for more efficient and effective learning experiences.

Skill Development for Digital Transformation:

Design eLearning courses that specifically target the skills needed for successful digital transformation.

Implement learning techniques that align with the human-centric aspects of digital transformation, fostering adaptability and collaboration among employees.

Data-Driven Learning Analytics:

Integrate analytics tools into eLearning platforms to track and measure the impact of learning on digital transformation outcomes.

Use data insights to continuously refine and improve learning strategies and content.

Human-Centric Design Thinking:

Apply design thinking principles to the development of eLearning content and digital processes, ensuring they are user-friendly and meet the needs of employees undergoing transformation.

Innovative Continuous Learning Culture:

Promote a culture of continuous learning within organizations undergoing digital transformation, emphasizing the importance of ongoing skill development.

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