You live only to work if you are happy

Does it make us satisfied ? Which current global crises have we solved with it ? More is more consumption more energy consumption ?

You live only to work if you are happy.

More and more faster cheaper and coarser …..Zur optimisation, the previous approach nowadays mostly remains limited to the implementation of IT business requirements. People are clocked and even partly dominated by wrongly dosed technology. Or the right technology is missing from the right processes, workflows and work techniques. These are stressors. Examples are: Processes with stressors that cause illness and climate change are often carried out by people. Mobile phone addiction – When walking people stare at their mobile phones instead of realising the beautiful nature and people. Many feel driven. Many feel this negative stress without knowing the causes and solution.

Long-term negative stress in unfavourable constellations can lead to serious long-term illnesses with absenteeism and thus high long-term costs for the national economy and damage to the image. And then there is the management of these global crises. You live only to work….We stop and regress because everything is interconnected, just like in nature. New approach to solutions for and by people ?

You work and learn to live well, less consumption less energy consumption, less is more. Be happy with less.

For a sustainable successful digital transformation we have to change our infrastructure and behavioural structure. It is best to start with one’s own behaviour, this is where one can have the greatest effect, it takes the longest but is profitable in the long term.

Stress level: Identify and reduce stress in your own learning and working techniques.

As a tipp – reduce consumption and energy consumption when working and learning.

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