less burnout

and more fun with human centred digital process

you work and learn with software and robots in digital process with you in focus for less burnout

What is the human-centred digital work process for less burnout?

Due to the current resources crisis, we all need to achieve more with less resources less burnout at work, school and sports.

Some of the most important process resources are user / human work technique business process and IT process.

Your user requirements are your cognitive, emotional and movement processes. The way you think, feel and act when working and learning with software and related processes. Minimal stressors in processes are key for more with less burnout.

Even in digital super factories with high levels of automation, IT processes and devices must be designed in harmony with human requirements for human work technique and business processes and a minimum of stressors.

You need to bring your human work work technique, business and IT requirements into harmony. The right dose and mix of IT tools support you and your business requirements.

What is NOT the human-centred digital work process?

HAGER digital process engineering is not based on any random statements, topics and events.

You feel negatively stressed out by routine process and work tec which dominate you. You get negatively stressed, together with some other factors you get sick in the long run, for example burn out and that with all consequences for you, the company and the state.

What added value does a human-centred digital work process offer?

+ 100% your fun

+ 100% commitment for more output with less resources

HAGER Tips to achieve more with less?

  1. digital stressors process work tec audit
  2. digital process reengineering with minimal process stressors less burnout
  3. IT business process training and training in work techniques and soft skills in German, English, Spanish and French
  4. languages training

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