Problem solving technique for business process optimisation under the influence of users’ emotional process

Corona take away

Tired at 5am you struggle out of bed. The alarm clock rings so that you can catch the train in time for a 4 h commute per day for a 1 h job in the office. At 9am you are sitting in a meeting, totally tired and stressed.

Corona take away : You live according to your individual biorythm. You strengthen your immune system, e.g. you sleep longer, take your breakfast in peace and sit down at 8.30 a.m. rested in your home office.

Via Online Work shop you learn and work together on the process automation of routine tasks that would otherwise have to be done manually and on site in the office. Supply chain problems ” supply shortage ” can be solved by configuring resistant work techniques and processes instead of wasting time on travelling.

Stay at home by eliminating commuting reduces traffic, travel costs and Co2 emissions as your climate contribution. The time difference between getting up at 6am and following your body clock at 8am is called “social jetlag”. So reduce your social jetlag here. Your health will be happy.

Another pandemic take away

Within a few days, the number of employees in the home office multiplied due to the Corona measures of prevention. Many people now only work in their home offices. Especially the many singles become lonely in the home office, whose social physical contacts are limited only to colleagues.

Corona take away : Instead of being lonely in the home office, you work from e.g. coworking space. In doing so, you maintain physical contacts, have more time and save on expensive office rent for the company. Corona also shows distrustful people that if necessary, work can also be done from the home office and the world continues to turn.

emotional impact on you

In many cases today only the IT business requirements are specified for business process optimisation requirement engineering. The user requirements with e.g. emotional processes play a small or even no role in business reengineering. This is exactly where the HAGER method comes in as a problem-solving technique: IT business and psychological processes with technology in working and learning are specified and synchronised.

Especially emotional processes in thinking and acting are individual. Each user according to his or her experience and traumas such as burnout in the job. Inner resistance to reorganisation with new roles and tasks and tools of artificial intelligence, rpa and process mining are common.

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