More fun and less costs with repetitive processes

The constant change of repetitive processes is a constant in our lives.

With new habits like new tasks, new job etc. you first have to understand, implement, adapt and automate end2end your new work process. Very complex diverse procedures or processes are involved.

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briefly look at the repetitive processes part 1

We all know it. You move, have a new task, new job and or learn a new sport and musical instrument.

When learning a new sport, musical instrument or work process, you first have to learn the basic processes. You practise basic rhythmic and repetitive movements. This affects all of us. The better the repetitive processes are automated, the better we can improvise in case of surprises such as : You successfully play a ball that comes from the right instead of the left, you improvise with joy in a solo part in a piece of music with a clear flow, in the case of a sudden telephone call you can continue to carry out your work process successfully.

Efficient at HAGER means: More fun and less costs with work processes.

Your efficient IT and business – psychological processes :

psychological process: When can you perform at your best to carry out your work processes?

IT process: Which tools AI, RPA, Process Mining are currently in use and which software could I use to efficiently automate end2end processes ?

business process: How do you regularly synchronise neurological / psychological processes with IT & business processes?

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