laugh often with sustainable job top performance

Experience shows that genuine laughter has a positive influence on the way we deal with stress and thus on our physical and mental life. This contributes to sustainable top performance. You feel good about working & learning.

Eustress in job

This type of stress is evaluated as positive by the person concerned. Laughter reinforces the positive evaluation of stress.
Laughter brings oxygen to the brain and boosts creative thought processes. Just a natural spontaneous smile in high pressure situations cause positive surprises.


You are a creative person. You feel relieved of routine processes that cause illness. You use your time and bring your creative ideas and your experience with stressors into stress-resistant work techniques & End2End processes. In the New Work workshops there is certainly also something to laugh about. This in turn contributes to the positive work result with positive body and mental experience ( win win).

Disstress in job

This type of stress is viewed negatively by sufferers. High intensity and frequent stress ignoring warning signals and unfavourable can lead to serious pyschic and pyschosomatic diseases. This is often associated with high and rising absenteeism costs for the national economy. BurnOn, BORout, BurnOUT as fashionable terms hide the first diseases with ICD codes for disease diagnoses.
A body is like a “hard disk” that stores bad handling of itself. Those affected then pay a high price at some point – mental and physical suffering, in extreme cases with invalidity.


You have a high willingness to perform (more and more, faster and faster) combined with much and long-lasting stress. In addition, your work processes generate stress that can cause illness (health stressors). You are so stressed that you no longer perceive physical and mental warning signals and ignore your own needs – combined with a lack of physical sensation.
You can find innovative tips in the HAGER magazine in the commentary below.

HAGER tipps to feel good

1. just laugh / smile more often in pressure situations at work.
2. be aware of your body and mental life even when laughing
3. be regularly aware of stress in work techniques and processes.
4. find your own effective technique for dealing with stress
5. practise – several times a day at work
6. more about prevention of burnout and stressors in work techniques & processes please contact HAGER
7. in case of burnout with need for reintegration CH work process get help from HAGER.

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