You need to get used now and here to hybrid e – cars

train new process in driving e cars to feel better

HAGER:” useful digital process in e – cars make you feel better.”

HAGER is focused on the process interaction between driver, IT and electric hybrid car.

Automated process like security are realized in these cars. You need to get used to distinguish between automated and manual process while driving. For manuel process invite you to challenge your natural senses like orientation.

IT is becoming more and more important in cars nowadays. For example you use more touch screen instead of mechanical button. Voice orders replace manuel actions in the car.

HAGER tipps to feel better

  1. Please use well dosed balance between automated and manual process while driving
  2. Get used to security systems where human beings would fail
  3. Please train your natual senses like orientation, responsiveness on a regular basis
  4. Use cars to transport you safely from A to B instead of abusing them as a status symbol

HAGER value added

minimization of your process, material costs

reduction of your CO2 emissions