IT Containerization

IT Containerization for IT business process cost reduction

HAGER: ” Software Engineers have to reduce work time for IT business routine process like build, develop and test and deploying.”

Software engineers have a brain to develop codes, the machine is executing the code. The maching is much faster in routine proceses than manual work. It is about to automate IT routine process to reduce work time for software engineers.

The new concept is IT containerization and the alternative to an entire virtual machine.

By containerization software you can build, develop, test and deploy database, several applicatons to one server for one IT project – in one go. With images execution files, you can run in container several time the same automated test. Containerization is automation of IT routine process. It saves work time for IT rountine process. The distribution of IT business process time before GoLive is another advantage.

Therefore the engineer has more time to develop codes and repair bugs that a machine can not do. On top the engineer has more time to value innovations.