support user with hyperautomation technology like process mining, artificial intelligence and robot process automation

prevent your work related burn out cost by your right work process support hyperautomation

HAGER support your process with hyperautomation with IT tool set like artificial intelligence robot process automation

HAGER: ” You want to reduce now and here your related burn out cost by your right process support?

HAGER find your right match of your work method, work IT process. How? with your right hyperautomation. HAGER bring your work process support of advanced work technologies like Business Robot Process Automation BPA RBA and Artifial Intelligence.

HAGER tipps to feel good

review your stressors and needs of users
audit your processes and working methods
review your current IT for process support
collect process data
process re-engineering with BPA RBA and Artifial Intelligence, if necessary
modernise your IT
train your staff for the new process and soft skills
continuous holistic process improvement with users at the centre (user requirements)

HAGER value added

Reduction of your expensive and ill making work processes and work methods

Reduction of your health and material costs.

Feel the maximum harmonisation between your work methods, IT work processes and work process supporting software

Reduction of your CO2 emissions