for after corona now improve your IT business process and process training

prevent your financial lost due to your infrastructure and employees

HAGER: ” With corona what else do you need for your digitalization?

According to actual swiss surveys,  20 % of company in switzerland ignore digitization completely.

Missing end to end process, inflexible IT structure, deficit in know how and missing colaboration of employees are the main obstacles for companies.

Many companies suffer missing huge financial revenue due to corona crises.

Do you need more losses due to your old fashioned IT business process structure and missing colaboration of your employees?

If no, than get your head around.

For IT the IT modernisation is needed for digitization with the following project:

  1. IT-Security , 2. Business-Software , 3. Cloud Computing, 4. Mobility, 5. Modernisation von IT-Infrastructure

HAGER tipps to feel good

  1. Audit your process and work methods and staff
  2. Check user employees experience needs
  3. Check your actual IT to support process
  4. process reengineering with BPA if necessary
  5. modernisation of IT
  6. train your staff on new process
  7. Re Audit
  8. continous holistic process  improvement

HAGER value added

feel better while working and learning

reduce process cost and Co2 emissions

health and climat friendly process