Do you feel stressed in your job?

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1️. What are potential stressors in your team and how do you identify the stressors of your employees in the current work processes? ( Definition/Scope )

2️. How do you deal with your stressors in your own work processes in the team? ( Behavioural level )

To the behavioural level

In 4 languages I help you to develop new work skills to deal with noticeable work stressors in your own work processes. What do I do for you?

I will show you the right way to deal with creative and routine processes and how to use your precious time properly for your own work process improvement and your own well-being at work.

You will feel relieved from health and climate-damaging stressors in work processes. Your customers and colleagues will thank you for it.

Innovative approach IT infrastructure & behavioural level

Based on health and climate friendly work processes ( IT infrastructure ) I train your health and climate friendly processes & work methods & soft skills ( behavioural level ) in 4 languages.

Your added value through our cooperation

Reducing your expensive and health- and climate-damaging work processes and working methods.
Reduction of your health and material costs.
Noticeable harmonisation between your work methods, IT business work processes and work process supporting software.
Reduction of your CO2 emissions.

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you need training to work from home office

now prevent your depression, anxiety and material waste from home office

HAGER: ” Do you want to feel good from home office?

Many times you feel bad and full of negative energy at work in the company office. You loose at lot of time and energy by daily travel to work. At work you are organized through the structured work day, face to face meetings etc.

You need to work only from home office. This might be new for you. On one hand you have less face to face contact, less conversations, new distractions.

On the other hand you are now your own boss to organize yourself. Your clients and boss want to trust you. Pay back now this confidence. On top you have the chance to learn new work and learn techniques. This is in favor of your personal development.

Now from home office you need to organize yourself. Here you need to find the energy to balane yourself. You need to train this within a short period of time due to this crisis now. New challenges will follow. 

Many of you feel lonely, distracted by home office surounding.

The best prevention for burnout, fear and depression to feed you with positive energy.

HAGER tipps to feel good

  1. Be yourself to feel good
  2.  Maintain honest relationships
  3. Practise good mix of ” work to live and live to work ”
  4. Cook yourself with healthy food for your good energy level
  5. Minimize the waste of paper, printing and material at home
  6. Minimize traveling and organize online meetings
  7. Respect your own bio groove for creative and routine work
  8. Do persistence sports and music

HAGER value added

be yourself

feel better while working and learning

prevent burn out fear and depression