take corona as your chance

Everybody suffer indirect or direct the consequences of corona.

HAGER: ” Take corona as a chance to change yourself?

Here is an approch to understand better this corona.

This crisis is even heavier than the financial crisis in 2008. At the same time offer and demand were reduced radically. You see now how to live with less. Your consumption is decreasing.

Less rainforest cut through agricultural abuse. More living space for animals. Less contact between human being and wild animals. Fewer wild animals as food. Less virus transmission diseases from animal to human being. More sustainable health. Reduce climate change through more rainforest. Minimize use of natural ressources like paper. Wood, raw material of manufacturing.

Now corona is our chance to balance the globalisation. To be independant from export, the production lines for masks and essential medicines for example return to the country of origin. Your transportation for export will be reduced significantly. This design of product in the country of origin and cheap manufacturing abroad will come into balance. Our rainforest is 3 times the european surface. This forest with its natural process for rain is crucial to save our life. Reducing of extreme consumption will enhance the natural process.

Due to one virus you see how fragile is the economy and your life. This is your chance now to focus on your change of thinking and acting.

Co2 emissions in epidemic areas have reduced.

HAGER tipps to feel good

  1. maintain your mental and physical health
  2. travel less for reduction CO2 emission
  3. use less material
  4.  live carpe diem ” now and here “
  5.  enjoy the moments
  6.  focus on honest relationships
  7.  respect natural ressources

HAGER added value

saving paper, wood, raw material of manufacturing

less daily travel to work and less Co2 emission

contribution to climate and health protection

approach to understand better this corona