your right machine process scope

right machine machine human synchronisation for human needs

HAGER: “human being can think. A chip can only save the information. Have we to focus on the right scope for creative and routine processes?”

In the future IT business processes will replace user tasks like paying. For e.g. the car pays the parking fee. The electric car pays the electricity at the charging station.

In any case, there is no paying business process of human beings. In some cases industries go from one extreme to another extreme. User work flows and IT business process belong together like a pair of shoes. We need to harmonize process needs between user work flows, IT business process.

Some industries are increasingly taking control of the human sense. For e.g. GPS in a taxi car: Some of these taxi drivers lose the road orientation easier than taxi drivers without reduced GPS. Applications increasingly replace people’s sense of direction.

According to HAGER experience there are too many wrong process scopes. As a consequence the wrong processes are automated with high IT process cost .

HAGER tipps

  1. keep user workflow and IT business together like a pair of shoes
  2. find your right scope between user task and IT business process
  3. take advantage of the right user experience

HAGER value added

your right process scope for machine human