Feel obliged every day to take care of your mental and physical health at work.

In Switzerland every second person suffers a mental illness once in a lifetime.

HAGER: “Do you need to explode this bomb? Do we always need to feel forced by law to change our habits?

Many of your wrong habits and beliefs cause personal health suffering in the long run. Health costs for society will increase. Many of you are not honest with yourselves due to shame for example.  Many of you have prejudices towards Online events, training and working from home. Due to corona crisis you were legally obliged to take part at Online events. Now you were forced to see the advantages of Online events for yourself. The other extreme only online events is not the solution. All in life is about a good balance between online and offline events.

HAGER tipps to prevent

  1. organise a good mix between online and offline events.
  2. take care daily of your body and mind as a daily teeth cleaning
  3. keep fit physically and mentally

HAGER added value

enjoy your job now and here

prevention of your sickness rate and your health costs