More success less stress thanks to data-based optimisation of work processes

training of your stressresistant work process

Feel less stress by training your business process with reduced stressors.

blended training as a perfect mix of elearning with HAGER experience from 4 continents

Here HAGER Blended Training is customized mix of knowhow and 4 continent experience in different training formats. Firstly, you receive the basic knowledge in the e-learning. Secondly, you benefit from HAGER’s professional experience from 4 continents in webinar. Here you apply your knowledge from the e-learning.

coming soon Mini elearning

time and location independent flexible independent learning

Here you get a first overview and small exercises

elearning on request

Time and location-independent flexible independent learning for your needs

Webinar with Markus HAGER’s unique experience from 4 continents on request

Application of the basic knowledge from elearning

for at least 5 participants from the same company

day by arrangement

HAGER is process experience from 4 continents with scientific know-how IT Business Process Engineering and Human Brain process.

Moreover HAGER has the unique professional experience with culture-specific stressors in process and work learning techniques. In particular, HAGER has the experience to learn and work with new complex tasks, work techniques and processes. Especially in crises and under difficult conditions.

At the same time, HAGER saves costs, time and resources such as material, energy and CO2. In this way, HAGER makes a daily contribution to more climate and health protection. In other words: Learn work to achieve more with less.

One example: incorrect work, learned procedures and techniques can make you ill in the long run. In addition, human waste pollutes more material. So expensive occupational diseases and high material waste are against health and climate protection.

Target group Personas

Managers and specialists from production and service companies

Career starters

Meaning and purpose

HAGER business process supports you for less negative stress.


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Your benefit

In this seminar, HAGER Training focuses on:

1. mastering theory

2. learning theory-practice, independent practical application with Markus HAGER unique experience from 4 continents