be stress resistant by digital communication in business german, english, spanish and french

Blended trainings your perfect mix of flexible learning and use 4 continent experience

train your communication skills to be more stress resistant

You feel too much stress with supply shortage and have more and more costs?

You want more fun and less cost with digital process.

By more resistant human, resistant work process and work technique.

Less cost and more fun with digital process by unique HAGER experience from 4 continents

On your behaviour level you need to change your work technique and way of thinking and acting by change management in new work training.

Stress and stressor in the work process and work technique must be reduced and if possible eliminated by your behaviour change like mindfulness-based stress reduction.

On infrastructure level you need your right dose of digitalization of your work process by digital process engineering.

You can reduce your stress at work process and technique through the right support of work technique and digital IT business organisation psychology work process.

Properly synchronised work process, relieve you from routine process. If necessary process are automated by hyper process automation IT tools. Information technology tools could be for example : artificial Intelligence ai, robot process automation rpa and process mining.

Changes on both levels help to health reduce cost for burn out prevention and health care.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction in new work resistant technique and digital work process go hand in hand. This your digital transformation process in business management for the protection of health and climate.

You need digital process management with unique process experience from 4 continents – from Swiss HAGER consulting with training in several foreign languages.

HAGER services with experience from 4 continents


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stress audit IT business psychology process and work technique

requirements engineering for process automation

Training digital work process and work technique

digital communication training in German, English, French and Spanish free online meeting

Introduction to Markus Hager MSc Economics and understanding specific client needs

Mini Webinar with Markus HAGER

Practical example with information, questions and answers to the full version elearning & webinar & customised workshop ( Blended Learning )

Webinar for application of Markus HAGER unique experience from 4 continents

at least 5 participants from the same company

1,5h with break

day by arrangement

customized workshops

On request for business controllers, IT business analysts, project managers, division managers and managing directors.

Target group Personas

Managers and specialists from production and service companies

Career starters

Meaning and purpose

HAGER supports you in becoming and remaining a sustainably stress-resistant employee.

Your benefit

In this seminar, HAGER Training focuses on:

1. mastering theory

2. learning theory-practice, independent practical application with Markus HAGER unique experience from 4 continents


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HAGER magazine with digital communicaton experience from 4 continents

Your independent daily measures in learning and working towards your stress resistance must increase dramatically.

For this HAGER has learned, worked and lived in 4 continents with diverse cultures. Here, HAGER has gathered a lot of experience on your strategy for learning and working, how you can enjoy learning and working every day with minimal time and resource consumption to achieve the maximum learning and working result. You will then have more time for the good things in life. In doing so, you will promote your personal stress resistance in harmony with stress-resistant IT business processes.

HAGER has the experience to build stress-resistant IT business processes.

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You decide how you want to work in the future to have more time for the good things in life.

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