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online stress resilience training against crisis

Less stressors in your digital work process and work learn technique soft skills

crisis is your challenge to be better in your digital process and work learn techniques

blended training your perfect mix of self-learning and HAGER experience from 4 continents against crisis

Here HAGER Blended Training is e-learning and webinar as well as individual coaching and workshops with Markus HAGER live. Firstly, you receive the basic knowledge in the e-learning. Secondly, you benefit from HAGER’s professional experience from 4 continents in the webinar. Here you apply your knowledge from the e-learning. Finally, you will receive tailor-made individual coaching. In conclusion you get your customized mix of knowhow and experience in different training formats.

HAGER is process experience from 4 continents with scientific know-how IT Business Process Engineering and Human Brain Process against crisis

Moreover HAGER has the unique professional experience with culture-specific stressors in process and work learning techniques. In particular, HAGER has the experience to learn and work with new complex tasks, work techniques and processes. Especially in crises and under difficult conditions.

At the same time, HAGER saves costs, time and resources such as material, energy and CO2. In this way, HAGER makes a daily contribution to more climate and health protection. In other words: Learn work to achieve more with less.

One example: incorrect work, learned procedures and techniques can make you ill in the long run. In addition, human waste pollutes more material. So expensive occupational diseases and high material waste are against health and climate protection.

Your right mix of human work learn technique and digital work process against crisis

First of all practice your new work techniques and digital work processes every day. So you make your contribution to climate and health protection every day. You have more fun and use fewer resources when working and learning with digital work processes and human work learn technique.

Negative stressors in your daily work routine are reduced or even eliminated if necessary. You have more time for meaningful creative processes. You enjoy your working and learning process more and reduce costs, energy and CO2 waste.

In conclusion, process training and engineering is the ideal combination for you.
At HAGER Engineering you get the knowledge and experience to review and improve your new working process.

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