Digital Audit Process Stressor

detect your personal stressor

Audit finds your stressors in your work process and work learning technique.

target group personas

Employees and their children with a certain level of stress

unique HAGER national and international experience

In several countries HAGER did various end-to-end process audit in various industries. During these audits, HAGER experienced many employees who became ill due to the work process.

Here, HAGER recognize the influence of stressors in the manuel routine process that caused illness. These are called health stressors in the work process according to HAGER.

In addition at work, employees feel the consequences of climate change. Extreme temperature changes within few days are one example. The climate change has a negative effect on your health.

In manuel work process, unnecessary printing, etc. lead to wasting office material consumption. Unnecessary business trips, daily trips to the work place, mail delivery result in increased CO2 emissions. These are climate stressors according to HAGER.

These health and climate stressors in the work process are related. HAGER recognize the mutual reinforcement of these stressors. You have the risk of burn-out rates and CO2 emissions.

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Digital stressor audit for IT business process

You feel stressed due to stressors in the work process. This makes you sick in the long run. HAGER HR Audit identifies your stressors in work process, working and learning methods.

The determination of your climate stressors avoid wasting office material and CO 2 emissions in the end-to-end work process.

The transparency of health and climate stressors in the work process is the basis for HAGER health and climate friendly electronic process (E – Process). Please see HAGER Process

Digital audit for stressor in work learning tec

You want to relieve yourself of routine processes that cause illness. You want more time for creative tasks.

At this HAGER Audit, your potential for relieving process automation is checked. If required, the elimination of healthn and climate stressors is verified.

The use of Business Process Automation BPA technology can help to achieve this elimination. BPA automates core work process. On demand Robot Process Automation of workflows within your relieving Business Process Automation might help for the elimination of stressors.

The HAGER IT Business Audit is the base for setting up electronic process processing. Please see HAGER Process

In the HAGER prevention training you will practice the health- and climate-friendly E – process. Please see HAGER Prevention Training

Digital audit for stressor in integrated process management system ISO

HAGER audit recognizes your set your key performance indicators kpi for your health and climate protection.

Your quality management system ISO9001 integrated in your management system helps you to measure your key performance indicators.

This is the base for your HAGER Process here.