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data based self improving of digital process and human work technique

data based continuous process improvement is HAGER.

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Groups and owner-managed large companies

unique HAGER national and international process data experience

HAGER work in various functions in several countries in various industries. HAGER make the experience how employees become ill through chaotic processes. Wrong processes waste unnecessarily office material. Unnecessary business trips, daily trips to work and sending mail by post burden your CO2 balance.

Due to the suffering of the people and climate change, HAGER help for health- and climate-friendly work processes as well as working and learning methods. Here HAGER make its contribution to your health and the environment and to the well-being of the community.

HAGER recognise the connection between work processes, working and learning methods as well as stressors for health and climate. This is about your right mix of manual and electronic work process. These processes are coordinated with your climate- and health-promoting work and learning techniques.

The processes of HAGER with the specific HAGER work and learning experience in various cultures are unique.

Here HAGER want to create more jobs where you can work in a health and climate friendly way.

HAGER process are practiced for your prevention of disease and climate change. Please see HAGER New Work Process Training

Please find more experience here HAGER Magazine

online workshop organization

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Online Workshop Digital Strategy, Innovation Process via HAGER Method

what problem, what strategic goal and customer benefit do you have and how do you solve it?

definition of your bottlenecks according to your strategic goal: What is your target-actual status and target-actual deviation?

where are your bottlenecks, e.g. stressors that cause illness, missing process data? Where does the shoe pinch you?

what are your requirements for solving the bottleneck?

which methods mix e.g. Design Thinking, Leanup Startup, Analytics Translation, Swiss SVEB method lead to the problem solution?

what is the unique HAGER best practise solution at behavioural & infrastructure level?

customer-specific offer package: How does HAGER sustainably solve your bottleneck and problem?

lessons learnt: What is your learning process in the problem solving process?

Example: What is the right digital IT technology for your data-driven business model?

What is your strategic goal, your invention and how do you want to sell your invention?

What customer benefit do you want?

Actual and target state?

What challenges do you face with your data-driven business model?

Which process data problem and bottleneck do you want to solve?

Which digital technology do you want to use to solve your problem?

How do you want to sell your innovation?

workshop cost controlling for data process solution

Do you want your sustainable reduction of health and environmental costs?

Your reduction of health and environmental costs in working and learning must be controlled.

In doing so, the project, operating and personnel costs for implementing the HAGER processes can also be tracked as your investment.

Your investment in new processes will contribute to the reduction of your health and office material and travel costs etc.

workshop digital process data design, digital tools AI, maching learning, process data mining, robot process automation

Do you want to work and learn on the computer independent of time and place?

For this purpose the HAGER experience in configuring end-to-end processes is helpful.

Here, requirements for work processes and working and learning methods MUST be harmoniously synchronized. This is the basis for the right mix of creative manual processes and electronic processes.

This allows you to work and learn on the computer independent of time and place. You save unnecessary travel, paper consumption and sick leave. This helps to reduce your health and environmental costs.

workshop process data implementation

Do you want a harmonious introduction of your processes for health and climate protection?

Depending on the requirements of your end-to-end processes your process implementation will take place.

Here you profit from the unique HAGER experience on site in various countries and HAGER multi language skills.

Depending on your capacity HAGER can work in your projects.

HAGER process are practiced for your prevention of disease and climate change.

Please see HAGER Process Soft Skill Training