online stress resistant IT business process management

Stress-resistant work processes with Process Hyperautomation Process Mining, Robot Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence. Optimising process data of IT Business & Humans at work.

HAGER checks, design and implement your work process for more stressresistance against crises

modular system

End to End Process Audit

Process Solutions

unique HAGER management international & national experience

HAGER worked in End to End IT Business process incl. HR process in different continents in top companies in the local language. Here he colaborated in different levels from factory workers and clerks to top management.

Due to wrong work process staff you are ill. On top you waste a lot of office material. Many business trips for meetings bring a high CO2. 

Thanks to this experience:  HAGER can eliminate certain ill making stressors in work process for burn out prevention.

HAGER detect the climate stressors in the work process to prevent high office material waste.

In addition HAGER know to change physical to electronical process. On top HAGER can automate ill making routine process.

Digital audit by HAGER management

HAGER want to contribute to reduce your burn out rate and CO2.

Thanks to all HAGER experience the HAGER electronic process ( E – process ) was born to prevent burn out and CO2.

HAGER implemented various E – work and learn process requirements at specific IT workplace in different countries.

Your disease-causing stressors will be reduced in your work process.

The elimination of climate stressors in the work process saves wasting office material: Paper, printer reduction. On top the more online meetings will reduce your C02.

You need to practise your health climate friendly work technique on E – process. Therefor HAGER offers digital process work technique training (behavioural level) 

The minimization of your bottleneck burn out rate and CO2 on work technique and process infrastructure is achieved thanks to the holistic HAGER method.

The authentic appearance with enthusiasm in the work & learning design of HAGER impresses experts, non-specialists, teachers and entrepreneurs.

On top you can work and learn anytime and from any place. Co2 by daily travelling to work will be reduced.

HAGER promotes your sustainable work & learning success.

Onsite Audit & Project Collaboration on request – Please contact HAGER management.