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Lecture is Markus HAGER stress knowhow and experience in work learning process in offices, jungle and dessert from 4 continents. Get infos now here:

1. What do you understand by stressors and how do you recognise your stressors in your work process? ( Definition / Scope )

2. How do you deal with your own stressors in your own work learning process? ( Behavioural level )

3. What solutions do you have to reduce your stressors in your own work learning process? ( Infrastructure level )

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HAGER Online Lecture is knowhow and 4 continent experience from jungle, dessert and office

HAGER reports live on its unique experiences of work processes & work skills in offices in various countries, the desert and jungle. (See HAGER unique selling proposition USP).

HAGER lives the daily fun of work processes in 4 languages and less costs. (see HAGER added value )

You benefit from HAGER experience reports with exchange of experiences.

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More about HAGER Engineering in lecture

HAGER lived and worked in different countries in several positions as IT Business Process Expert and  Trainer.

Here HAGER know about the interaction of wrong set up of work learning process and negative health consequences for you. Health and climate is very connected. Climate change is burden for your health at work and study.

Your stressors at your work process are some factors to prevent burn out and climate change.

HAGER mix of manual and e – process at work help you to work climate and health friendly.

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More about HAGER Training in 4 languages in lecture

You need to train these process and work learning technique.

You need to train you IT process, business process and soft skills.

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HAGER meet many employees suffering from burn out and climate change at work if they avoid prevention.

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