increase your added value 

More with less stress

digital tools for more joy less cost. Your added value:

More fun with work learn process and work learn technique

Co2, Cost and resources reduction

Less negative stressors in work learn process soft skils, stress resistent staff & process

HAGER achievements at Hewlett Packard, Avnet with digital tools

100% process automation and process cost reduction at Hewlett Packard

100% on revenue & profit budget at Avnet

HAGER holistic & continuous method

The synchronisation of IT business processes with neurobiological and humane thinking and action processes takes place. The focus here is on human.

1. Definition of your strategy gaps: What is your gap budget against actual?

2. HR – IT – Business Audit: Where are your gaps?

3. Specific contribution by HAGER: What is the unique HAGER solution on your IT infrastructure level & work behaviour level?

4. Customized offer package: How does HAGER solve your problem?

5. Lessons learned: What is your learning process during problem-solving?

HAGER unique selling position experience from offices, jungle, dessert

Unique professional and life experience of work process and work method in offices, jungle, dessert

Work Process Engineering and Process & Soft Skill Training in German, English and Spanish and French

integrated HAGER method of process engineering (infrastructure level) and process soft skill training (behavioural level)

Holistic view between physical and mental work processes and IT business process supported by software

Reduction of stressors in the work process and working methods and soft skills

Implementation of gaming effects of sports and music in work process design & training

Your benefit

HAGER focuses on:

1. mastering theory

2. learning theory-practice, independent practical application with Markus HAGER unique experience from 4 continents

HAGER corporate objective

As an employee you want to work and study better as your constant basic need.

Your problem solver & innovator HAGER want to fulfill this basic need better and better.

For your added value maximization as employee, HAGER is always interested in your latest unsolved problems, which are related to the HAGER offer. What is your burning bottleneck as employee? Please click here  to contact HAGER.